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All about lash lifting

What is a Lash Lift?

Lash lift is a solution which is applied to the lashes which changes the bonds of the lash hairs permanently which lasts upto 6weeks (or longer). Over time the lashes will grow out and new lashes grow back through with its original bonds, this is when a client would likely want another lash lift. Lash lift is a very comfortable treatment and takes around 40minutes - 1 hour. We advise you avoid getting the lashes wet or applying mascara till 24hours after the treatment. Results vary as everyone has different lashes results will depened on the length of your lashes, the thickness and how full they are.  Lash lift is £30 and includes a tint.

Before The Treatment

Please make sure you havent had a tint or lash lift within the last 6weeks to your appointment. Avoid caffeine or energy drinks atleast 4hours before your treatment as this can cause your eyes to flutter. You will complete a consultation form prior to you treatment taking place. Please try and avoid coming with mascara on.

During Your Treatment

Once we have the client comfortable we examine the natural lashes to determine how long we leave the solutions on for, which shield to use for curl etc. We place a under eye pad to protect the bottom lashes and product from seeping into the eye. Once these are applied we attach a silicone shield to the eyelid which then we start pulling the lashes upwards onto the curled shield and glue the lashes into place. Once your lashes are in the desired position we then start with applying the lift lotion for 12-16minutes. Once this step is complete we then apply the fixing lotion which again is left on for 12-16minutes. After this we remove the solutions and apply a blue black tint (our blackest black) and leave this on for around 5-10minutes. Once we remove the tint we then start removing the shield and cleanse the eyelid and apply the nourishing serum to the lashes. Then the client can open their eyes and see their results! Please note this is a very relaxing treatment and appointments take 40mins-1hour. 


Please do not get the lashes wet or apply mascara or be near steam for 24hours after your treatment as this can effect the lift. After this time you can carry on as normal! Your lashes will grow during their cycle and lashes will grow back with their original bonds around 6weeks after which is when you'd likely want another last lift.

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