Lash Extensions

Classic Lashes


'Classics' are the most natural effect for eyelash extensions. Infills are reccomended every 2weeks. Full set of classics are £30 and infills are £25. If you are looking for an extension that isn't to full and more natural looking then these are perfect for you. Lashes Northampton.

Hybrid Mixed Lashes


Hybrids are a mix of Classics and Russian Volume creating a soft fluffy effect. Hybrids are £40 and infills are £30. Eyelash extensions all available at ASM Beauty in Northampton

Russian Volume Lashes


Russian Volumes are handmade fans which are individually applied to your natural lashes. These are great if you want the fullness and fluffyness. These can typically last longer then classics. Full set is £45 and infills £35

Lash Lift


Lash lift is a solution which is applied to the lashes which changes the bonds of the lash hairs permanently which lasts upto 8weeks (or longer). Over time the lashes will grow out and new lashes grow back through with its original bonds, this is when a client would likely want another lash lift. Lash lift is a very comfortable treatment and takes around 40minutes. We advise you avoid getting the lashes wet or applying mascara till 24hours after the treatment. Results vary as everyone has different lashes results will depened on the length of your lashes, the thickness and how full they are. 


Lash lift is £30 and appointment will last upto a hour. My lash lift service also involves a tint to the top lashes. Results can last upto 8weeks. Beauty salon in Northampton


Patch test will be required atleast 24hours prior to the appointment. lash lift northampton. Please call to book. Any questions please do not hestitate to contact me.