Eyelash extensions also known as semi permanent eyelashes are individually applied to your individual natural lash. As your lash grows these will grow with your natural lash. Infills are reccomended around 2-3weeks after initial appointment. Individual lashes WILL NOT pull out your natural lashes or cause you too loose more lashes than usual, the only way this can happen is if your lash tech used the wrong type of lashes for your natural lashes or if it’s a bad application. So please note using the right thickness and length in lashes to suit the natural lash and looking after your lashes correctly your natural lashes will not be at any risk.


The differences between Classics, Hyrbids & Russian Volumes

The choice will depend on the desired look. Russiam Volume are more fuller looking and softer. Individual are more of a natural extension. 

Lash appointments take around 1hour. The fullness and lengths used will depend on your natural lashes and the desired look. Everyones eyelashes & eye shape are different so a consultation just before the appointment will be carried out to ensure your happy with the finished result. Appointments take upto 2hours. eyelash extensions northampton